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“There are no fees or dues whatsoever.  The only requirement for membership is an honest desire to stop drinking”

Alcoholics Anonymous pg. xiv


Our personal recovery comes through the practice of the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.

The Twelve Steps are outlined in our founding text, Alcoholics Anonymous. They are found at the beginning of the chapter “How It Works”. Essays on the Steps can be read in the book Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions.


AA unity is guided by our collective adherence to the Twelve Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous.

The Twelve Traditions provide guidelines for relationships between the groups, members, the global Fellowship, and society at large. Questions of finance, public relations, donations, and purpose are addressed in the Traditions. There is both a short form and a long form of the Traditions. The Traditions were first published in the April 1946 AA Grapevine under the title “Twelve Points to Assure Our Future.” Essays on the Traditions are found in the book Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions.


The Twelve Concepts for World Service were written by A.A.’s co-founder Bill W., and were adopted by the General Service Conference of Alcoholics Anonymous in 1962. The Concepts are an interpretation of A.A.’s world service structure as it emerged through A.A.’s early history and experience.

A detailed explanation of the Concepts and how they guide our fellowship as a whole are written in The AA Service Manual

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